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Best Water Purification Tablets

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Purification Tablets

Water Purification Tablets are one of the simplest ways to make sure your drinking water is same from microbes and disease causing organisms. These are usually found in contaminated water sources like ponds, lakes, streams, creeks, and rivers. These won't get the heavy metals, radiation, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs out, but will make it least so you won't get Montezuma's Revenge! 


There are a few you should have in your emergency chest, backpack or RV. Adya Clarity, Liquid Zeolite, Pure Polar Iodine and Alkaline Drops can help make your water much safer to drink. 



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Adya Clarity

Adya Clarity, also known as Black Mica Extract helps purify water from microbes. It is easy use but a little expensive (If you want a less expensive and better alternative use the Alkaline Drops at the bottom of this page, as they did better in my own tests and made the water alkaline too.) Adya Clarity is good though and works well. Here's what it does to water:

  • Adya Clarity Eliminates Bacteria (4 Types E-coli)
  • Activates The Oxygen In Water
  • Adya Clarity Will Purify “ANY” Water
  • Contains Dissolved Ionic Minerals
  • Adya Clarity Creates A Great Tasting, Mineral Rich, Hydrating Water

You simply place some drops into the water you want to revitalize and it will do it's magic. You instantly get great tasting water that is rich in natural minerals, oxygen activated, deeply hydrating and detoxifying!



Liquid Zeolite

Liquid Zeolite is one of the best natural detoxifiers on the planet! It is a natural mineral that is created when a volcano has just exploded and hot lava meets with the cooler ocean water below. It forms zeolite crystals that are highly cleansing and alkalizing to the human body. 


The zeolite crystals are made up of honeycomb shaped cellular structures that trap heavy metals, including radiation particles, lead, mercury, and aluminum. They also smother out viruses and cancer cells by their cellular signature that leads them to invasive organisms that have a positive polarity (not beneficial, but invasive and acidic signature.) 


The zeolite is ground into a fine, pharmaceutical grade powder, called Natural Zeolite Powder. It then can be made into a liquid base that can be added to drinks or simply taken internally by using a dropper bottle. 



Nascent Iodine

Nascent Iodine, used to be the most popular iodine liquid but has been surpassed in quality and effectiveness by nascent iodine.  I would still add alkaline drops to make it healthier, but at least every living thing in that contaminated water is now totally sterilized. The Ion alkaline water purification drops below are the best water purification drops you can get.



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Alkaline Drops

Ion water purification drops not only highly purifies your water, but makes it a healthy alkaline and ionized too. Alkaline Drops will make alkaline water out of acidic water. It makes the water taste much better and turns it into healing water. Alkaline water is a natural healer and improves blood oxygenation, circulation and makes your body more resistant to disease and inflammation.


Alkaline Water is very important as the alkalinity will help your body prevent a lot of diseases, including cancers, yeast infections, diabetes, arthritis and other conditions that cause chronic inflammation from an acidic body. You can even get your own Alkaline Water Filter

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