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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

Sodium Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances on earth! And the medical system sold people a bill of goods when they said it is being placed in everything “for your health.” It is everywhere, it is intentionally placed in your tap water, bottled water, toothpaste, vaccines and prescription medications, particularly those like Prozac.


It damages all organs, tissues and particularly your brain! It lowers your IQ by 10 points or more, kills your immune system, intestinal flora (healthy gut bacteria), weakens your bones and joints. It does nothing for your teeth either, except cause dental fluorisis!


If you want to remain healthy mind and body, it is NECESSARY to remove fluoride from your drinking water!


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Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

When it comes to removing toxic fluoride from you water, you can pretty much forget about the common names that come to mind, like Brita, Pur, Zero Water, and most pitcher water filters. They are great for most other things, besides fluoride. Fluoride is a lot harder to remove.


There are 3 things that specifically remove toxic sodium fluoride (calcium fluoride, is a natural occurring fluoride, and is less toxic, but you still want it limited or removed.) Reverse Osmosis removes fluoride by water forced through tiny membranes.


Activated Alumina is one source that removes fluoride, but it also adds aluminum, so it replaces one problem with another, although less toxic. Bone Char Carbon is another, it does the job and is in a lot of fluoride removing water filter cartridges. It does have to be replaced in high fluoride areas, like most metropolitan cities.


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Fluoride Filter Comparison

Water filters that remove fluoride are harder to find. It is not easy to remove fluoride, so not many filter makers do it. But fortunately there are three real good choices, that get toxic fluoride out of your drinking water safely and efficiently. Berkey, RO and Pure Effects all remove fluoride very well.


I will review the following fluoride water filters in order: Berkey Water Purifier line, Reverse Osmosis Units (RO), and PureEffect Filters. Berkey Filters are the most portable (I have my own Big Berkey Water Filter that I really, really love!), so we will review them first. Followed by Reverse Osmosis Water Purification and PureEffects.


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Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filter Systems are powerful enough to remove the toxic Fluoride (with a specialized fluoride filter). Berkey's Light Filter is ideally suited for to be ultra portable weighing just around 7 pounds, and can be used for parties, get togethers, on a countertop or family room. It can also be used for outdoor and emergency use, requires no electricity or even water pressure. It provides pure drinking water from almost any source.


Berkey is the leader in portable water filters period! They have units of all sizes from travel sized ones, to large gathering sized ones. Most are sturdy stainless steel type units, except for the Light Filter unit. They are not just water filters, but actually water purifiers, because of their filtering ability that provides ultra clean and pure drinking water free from all contaminants!


Berkey's microfiltration system outperforms the other units by filtering out 99.99% of microbes (viruses and bacteria, giardia) — as well as other toxins like fluoride, lead,mercury, arsenic and lead — without the use of toxic  chemicals or additives. For more information on their top of the line filters that purify any water into clean pure drinking water visit: Berkey Water Filter Review.


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Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride?

A Reverse Osmosis System (RO Water filter and purifier) is the gold standard in water purification, as it removes almost everything in one fell swoop! They are not as portable but they are what you use generally for whole house water purification system. Aquasana Water Filters makes a great RO Filter that is economical, removes fluoride and all other contaminants and makes some of the best tasting water too.


The only drawback is installing the RO units. Installation can be a little complicated because of the individual filters, pre-saturation and prepping the system after you get it installed. But once installed you will have clean pure water throughout your whole home, or kitchen faucet if you install a simple unit.


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My favorite alternative to a RO Water System is the PureEffect Water Purifier. They are a lot easier to install, remove radiation, heavy metals, fluoride, lead, microbes like the Berkey, but it makes the water alkaline as well. It is more of a set it and forget method. Hook it up to your faucet and you're done! For more information on this great filter visit Pure Effect Water Filter Review


The main thing is never drink fluoride water, never brush with fluoride toothpaste (I like Dr. Bronner's baking soda and coconut oil toothpaste.) Visit Holistic Dentistry to get the complete rundown on natural dental care that works. Get one of the fluoride filters that works for you and be glad you made a very important investment into your family's health as well as your own!

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