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Best Survival Water Filters


survival water filters


Survival Water Filters

Survival Water Filters are those that can turn muddy water into clean, safe drinkable water. They are also called Emergency Water Filters because you can use them in an emergency to filter water from any source into safe drinking water.


They are excellent for preppers and as a hedge against any rough times when clean drinking water is not readily available or accessible. They are manual type filters in most cases, because you don't want an electric filter when electricity may not be available, during an “emergency” situation.


Survival Filters usually won't remove heavy metals or fluoride, but will remove the microbes and pathogens that can cause severe illness. They can get you by when the going is rough. They either use gravity (Gravity Water Filter) or Manual Pump to pass contaminated water through the filter and into a clean container for safe drinking water.


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Emergency Water Filters

The best Emergency Water Filters should be manual filters (like the Katadyn Water Filter) because they require no electricity. You push a lever or shaft up and down to force the contaminated water through the filter into a safe container. These are great for hiking or camping and easy to carry in a backpack or small bag.


The Gravity Water Filter types, that have an upper chamber, a filter between, and then safe drinking water comes out of the bottom end into your cup, bucket or canteen. These all have advantages, mostly depending on whether you are camping, hiking or in an auto or RV.


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UV Water Purifier

UV Water Purifiers use Ultra Violet Light to purify the water. The Steripen UV Water Purifier is not really a filter, but a purifier. It won't remove sediment but will kill off the harmful organisms, like Giardia in stagnant water sources like lakes, and ponds. These use either small rechargeable batteries, or can be charged via solar or USB port on any electronic device (computer, laptop, vehicle, smartphone.)


survival water filters


Drum Water Filter

A Drum Water Filter is a type that you can use to store larger quantities of water that can be manually pumped into a 5 gallon or smaller type container. These are the true emergency water  pumps that can be used for family emergency or survival water purification and storage.


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Hiking Water Filters

If you are a backpacker, hiker or camper, then you will want to also check out the water filters that are made for stuffing in a backpack or day-pack that you can use while trekking around in the wilderness areas. These include pouch type gravity filters that you can hang on a tree branch and are very light, and fold-able when empty.


If you plan to adventure on some great hikes, we have you covered. The Berkey Sport Water Filter is a good backup if you don’t have the resources to get a Katadyn, the recommended backpacking water filter that is good for emergencies. Visit Best Backpacking Water Filters for more information. 


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