Alkaline Water Filter

Alkaline Water Filter


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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Next to Oxygen, Clean Non-Toxic Drinking Water is our most precious resource on earth.  Without it (or beverages or foods containing it) we would only last a few days. Our body, just like out planet, is composed of 75-80% water. All of our organs, including our skin and brain need water to function properly. So, exactly what is the difference between Acidic Water, Neutral pH Water and Alkaline Water? And what are the benefits of alkaline water and why should you consider having your own alkaline water filter?


Each type of water has it's own ideal Benefits and Usages. For instance Acidic Water is not a bad type of water, if you use it for it's intended benefits. Same with Neutral pH and Alkaline Water.  Acidic Water, is best for detoxing your body as it is an empty water (see: Distilled Water). It has little or no minerals, so when you drink acidic water, your body will try and make it neutral pH, it's normal state, by adding minerals where it can find them in your body, usually by taking calcium and magnesium from your bones and tissues.


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Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

What are the main health benefits of alkaline water? There are a whole lot of alkaline water health benefits that you should know about. It can not only help you prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, brain and nervous system conditions, immune system disorders and chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the main reason for most chronic diseases and it is caused by your body being too acidic for too long.


Regularly drinking alkalized water can keep your body a healthy alkaline PH and prevent serious diseases like arthritis and cancer too! Viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungus feed of acids in your body (sugar is an acid in the body.) So if you keep your body alkaline you will not be a good host to any of these invaders. Alkaline water keeps your brain and body fully hydrated and ready to perform at its best. 


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PH Value of Water

What is the PH value of water? Water can be acidic (low PH level) or alkaline (high PH level.) PH stands for Parts Hydrogen, and the more hydrogen the more alkaline. That's why a lot of your alkaline water filters (the better ones) also make H2 hydrogen water because of the elevated ratio of hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms. Neutral is about 6.8 – 7.2 PH and is what your body tries to keep in balance. Water from a stream or clean river is about 7 PH. Distilled water is an acidic water because it a PH value lower than 7, but is beneficial for detoxing your body and making herbal medicines, see Water Distiller for more information on distilled water benefits.


Alkaline water is what you need most of the time because our diets and lifestyles are highly acidic. Stress, even thoughts that are stressful or feeling anger can elevate your stress hormones and make your body highly acidic and prone to disease. Drinking tap water, sodas, sugary beverages and eating junk foods cause your body to become acidic. When you body is acidic too long, you body will try to balance your PH level by taking minerals out of your bones causing osteoporosis and poor health.


So, there is why Alkaline Water can step in and bring an acidic body back to a normal, well hydrated and healthy state. The following video shows how drinking alkaline water can increase your blood oxygen levels and improve your cardiovascular health and whole body performance:



Alkaline Water PH

Alkaline Water PH. The ideal range of Alkaline Water is between 8.5 pH and 10.5 pH. It has the necessary minerals your body needs to repair itself, and will make it all the way into your blood cells where it will oxygenate them and your whole body. That's one of the primary reasons why Alkaline Water prevents, and reverses many chronic conditions, infections and disease. Alkaline water has a mild cleansing action to it, so it helps gently remove sticky deposits in your body, and is lethal to cancer cells.


I personally use Alkaline Water daily! I am a natural bodybuilder, and for anyone exercising or performing athletic sports, then it will help you hydrate much better than any other beverage! It will also help you workout longer (reduces Lactic Acid buildup), perform better (more electrical charge), and it just plain tastes better! Acidic water has a “tinny” or metallic taste to it.


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Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

If there is one thing you can do to improve your health right now, it's to start drinking Alkalized Water regularly. I carry my own water with me in a portable container, and take it to restaurants, parties and friends houses, as most will not have the same quality water. And it makes such a big difference that I hardly ever leave home without it! Having a portable alkaline water filter pitcher can make this an easy thing to do.


The best alkaline water pitchers are good water purifiers as well. They can make structured, hydrogen rich antioxidant water. Some can even produce electrolytes so you are getting energetic water that can quench your thirst and improve your performance much better than sports drinks. Alkaline water tastes the best because of the natural minerals. It's what makes a clean stream water so refreshing, without the potential microbes. 


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Best Alkaline Water Filter

The best alkaline water filter is actually an Alkaline Water Ionizer, as they not only make your water highly alkaline (or acidic for detoxing or even as a natural home cleanser) but produce high ORP (oxidative reduction potential) and ORAC ratings. These are what make antioxidants work, the higher the level the more antioxidant the natural fruit, vegetable, supplement or water can have. It is called ionized water or ionic water. You won't need to buy expensive antioxidant supplements if you have a water ionizer. 


Drinking ionized alkaline water can also help when you may have excess stomach acid or an upset stomach (think baking soda), or eating too many carbohydrates (carbs need an alkaline digestion, proteins need acidic) at one sitting. 30 grams of carbs per sitting is ideal unless you're carbohydrate loading as an athlete. More than that you raise your insulin response.


Alkaline ionic water is not just a drinking water but a healing water. It is a natural medicine that can help you prevent and even overcome illness. It is also a performance enhancer, as most of the top athletes use it, not sports drinks. Just ask Tom Brady! It can keep you youthful as it is anti-aging and increases brain and heart oxygen levels so you not only think clearer but can perform better too, and longer and stronger without tiring. It absorbs lactic acid that causes muscle soreness and cramps. It is a natural health remedy at it's finest! For more information visit: Alkaline Water Machine.


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