Best Gravity Water Filters

Best Gravity Water Filters

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Gravity Water Filters

Gravity Water Filters are the easiest to use and maintain of all the types of water filters. They use simple gravity to filter water down through filtration units or membranes, usually referred to as “stages” of water filtration. They are highly portable, and most types of these portable water filters are easy to clean and maintain. Berkey Water Filters are tops in filtering out contaminants and toxins.


They can be used as countertop type units, for parties, gatherings, or in own home. There are also great portable water filter units that you can take with you wherever you go. If your and avid outdoors type person, then these are great for camping, hiking, fishing trips and anywhere you need to purify water in the wild, or while on the go.


What Are The Best Gravity Water Filters?

It depends on your purpose and level of filtration needed.  Using tap water as your main source has different types of contaminants as does drawing it from a lake, stream, river or even polluted outdoor source. You get the type of portable water filter that is appropriate to your usage and needs.


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Camping Water Filters

If you are camping, hiking or exploring the “great outdoors” then a flexible Platypus gravity water filter would suit you best. You need something that has sediment water filtration (getting the bigger particles out) along with microbial eradication, to get rid of disease causing agents like Giardia.


You typically use these by hanging the water bladder (soft rubber water tank) on a tree or elevated source, and have it filter through the stages to your water bottle or purified water. You can even wear these on your back or backpack. They are meant to be easy to carry around and use just about anywhere you would find yourself, camping, hiking or enjoying your favorite wilderness area. 


They are also referred to as emergency water filters, because they make water safe from major contaminants, but not all minor ones, like heavy metals, radiation or fluoride, which usually need more stages of filtration, and space. There are other types of camping or hiking water filters, like the Katadyn Water Filter, which is not included here because it is a manual pump, instead of a gravity filter.


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Countertop Water Filters

Whereas if you are using it for social events, or even your home, then you can use a Cylinder type Gravity Filter. These are sturdier, and the longest lasting, and usually have the best filtration capability too.


Unlike the flexible water filters, they can get rid of more pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, and fluoride, that is now showing up in our tap water sources. These are usually filled with tap water, which has the big sediment already taken out, but has added contaminants from flushed prescription medications and very harmful fluoride!


The best gravity water filtration units, by a longshot, are the Berkey Water Filters. they are not only beautiful looking, but are sturdy (last a lifetime), and get far more contaminants out than Brita, Pur, Zero Water and other simple countertop and pitcher water filters.


I highly recommend having one as it doesn't require electricity and gives you chemical and microbe free, great tasting pure healthy drinking water! I love the Big Berkey as it is the right size for a small family or gathering. You can ready why here: Big Berkey Water Filter Review.

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