Best Filtered Water Bottle

best filtered water bottles

Best Filtered Water Bottle

Safe Drinking Water anywhere, particularly on the go is the main benefit of having your own water filter bottle. Convenience, not having to chug around a larger unit or run to a water kiosk to refill your own carry around bottle is another. So which is the Best Filtered Water Bottle? There are many types of great Water Bottle Filters and one to suit your needs.


The best water bottle filter depends on the type of water you are filtering from (tap water, pond water, etc.) and also if you want your water alkalized or have specific things removed like heavy metals (lead) or fluoride and pesticides. The main types are Alkaline Filters and others that protect you from the most harmful microbials that you would find by dipping your water bottle into a lake, river or stream (or even tap water faucet.)


Water Filter Bottle Benefits

What is missing here are the cheapest types that do not remove enough of the contaminants in your water, like Brita, Pur and other cheap bottle water filters. Below are my favorite ones that have stood the test of time and have good filtration capabilities for bottle filters.



Alkaline Water Filter Bottle

One of my favorite water filter bottles is the Alkamate Water Filter Bottle. It not only filters the water to remove contaminants, but makes it a healthy alkaline. A great deal for hikers, bikers, campers, runners, joggers, power walkers and other sport enthusiasts.



Seychelle Water Bottle Filters

Seychelle makes some really good water bottle filters. Some can even filter out radiation! There are also alkaline filter models too. They are one of my favorite filtered water bottles. They are BPA free and remove 99.9% of the most common contaminants you find in tap or outdoor water supplies.



Berkey Sport Water Bottle Filter

Berkey sport water bottle filter is a nice little filter. You can filter cleaner running water sources like streams, rivers or tap water. The Berkey Sport Water Filter is a good backup if you don’t have the resources to get a Katadyn, the recommended survival water filter that is good for emergencies. 



Water Bottle Filter That Removes Fluoride


Fluoride Water Bottle Filter

The Clearly Filtered Water Bottle Filter is the most beautiful and durable of them all. It is insulated stainless steel, with a lifetime warranty too. It comes in multiple colors and has a filtering ability that none of the others have. It can remove the toxic sodium fluoride from your tap water. It also removes harmful pesticides, chemicals.


It is BPA and BPS free too. It removes toxic heavy metals like lead too, especially useful as many cities have a problem with heavy metal residues in their local water supply. I'm sure you've heard of the lead in the water in Flint, Michigan. But it's not just there, most cities have too much of it and it is toxic to your brain and immune system. It causes Alzheimer's, dementia and autoimmune conditions. This bottle filter protects you from that and even pesticides!

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