What is Filtered Water?

What is Filtered Water?


what is filtered water


Why Filtered Water?

What is Filtered Water and why you should make sure the water you and your family are drinking is filtered with a high quality filter, and not just put your blind faith in just tap water or even bottled water. Most bottled water IS tap water with the chlorine taste (only the taste) removed.


I'm sure you've heard of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan where toxic lead is being dumped into the tap water supply. Well, that is not the only city in the U.S. where that is happening. It is happening all over because there is little oversight on what goes into your drinking water. And exactly why you need to filter your own!


Getting all the bad stuff out, while keeping the healthy alkaline minerals is the best goal, when it comes to making highly purified, great tasting and healthy drinking water. The natural minerals make the drinking water taste good, and also give it the healthy alkaline state that allows your body to hydrate much better. It also helps stop many diseases as most are from an acidic body! 


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Does Alkalinity Matter? 

Most tap water is also highly acidic and makes it a lot easier for you to come down with a chronic disease, as they are all conditions where the body is in too acidic a state. Filtering out the acidic contaminants helps give you a more balanced pH and healthier water. You will also notice better performance and quicker healing if you drink this water regularly. 


There are many benefits of drinking filtered water. Filtered water is water from any source that is passed through a filter or series of filters to purify the water. It is usually done to create clean pure drinking water that is free from contamination and heavy metals. I will only drink highly filtered water and only tap or bottled in an emergency, but I prepare so I won't have too, and neither will you! 


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Is It OK To Drink Tap Water?

So, is it OK to drink tap water or should you avoid it altogether? Tap water is filtered only minimally, usually by adding fluoride and chlorine to make sure most living things present are killed off. It doesn't work very well, and still leaves certain amoeba (brain eating ones), microbes, heavy metals, radiation, not to mention poisonous fluoride and chlorine. Far too many bad things that can ruin your health by drinking tap water.


I stopped drinking tap water after discovering the effects it was having on people (dizziness, lead toxicity, hair fallout, poor mental performanc, poor athletic performance, problems with digestion) to name a few! Your health can be improved just by drinking filtered tap water with your OWN filter! 


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Benefits of Filtered Water

Water is a carrier nutrient, it carries things with it deep into your brain, organs, skin and every cell of your body.  If you have contaminants in your drinking water, then you are absorbing them into all parts of your body. Your body will only be as good as the stuff you put into it.


You will not only poison your body but will cheat yourself of your utmost potential if you don't make sure you are drinking highly purified water. A Reverse Osmosis System is great if you want something that you put under your sink and it leaves your counter top clean and neat, only a nice looking faucet where the purified drinking water comes out!  


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You can even make your own with a good water filter system and portable water filter bottles, which is exactly what I do. I save a lot of money while having the highest quality water with all the good things and none of the bad stuff. Good quality and some very inexpensive can save and even restore your health!


Until I got my own filter (PureEffects Alkaline Filter) I used to make trips to the water store every other day for my family's water needs. They use highly filtered Reverse Osmosis Water, which is the gold standard for removing all contaminants. They are not as portable as Pitcher Water Filters or Bottle Filters, but work the best.


The only thing is that it can leave the water slightly acidic if they don't replenish the natural minerals. The natural minerals is what makes the water alkaline and ultra healthy. I've since got my Water Ionizer and now enjoy the best of all worlds. They are pricey, but nowhere as much as hospital and doctor office visits!  


For more information on where to start see the Portable Water Filter System Reviews Page.

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