Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

 Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?


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Drinking Tap Water

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? I used to think so, but after researching what is left (and even added into) tap water, I never again will drink it, except upon dire thirst! I’ll show you why you will really want to avoid drinking tap water and which water is safe and actually healthy to drink.


Most Tap Water is so full of “nasties” that you should only even consider drinking it in dire emergencies. The most harmful things to your health are usually the things you can’t see but we know exist (microbes, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.) Here are things that you will discover in your drinking tap water:

  • Radiation
  • Fluoride
  • Heavy Metals (Lead, Mercury, Aluminum)
  • Arsenic
  • Glyphosates and Pesticides (herbicides, fungicides, larvacides)
  • Flushed Medicines (hormone disrupters, toxic prescription meds, statins, anxiety meds, pain meds, etc.)
  • Brain eating amoeba, viruses, bacteria, fungii, mold spores
  • Chlorine and other toxic chemicals

Watch this short video explaining some of the reasons why it is so important to filter your own water, even if from your own home’s tap water!



Is Bottled Water Tap Water?

I also used to think that drinking bottled water was the safe, easy and most effective way to go. I was uninformed see what is bottled water! Most people don’t even realize that most of the bottled water they are drinking is nothing more than lightly filtered tap water. Some are better than others, like real spring water. I say real spring water because all that is labeled as spring water is usually not. It may have started that way originally but after running through the chemical processes it is not spring water, but chemical water.


These added chemicals, like chlorine, and sodium fluoride, can also be very unhealthy to your health as well as very acidic. Most bottled water has fluoride in it as well as other chemicals, pharmaceuticals (flushed medicines) and some of the same microbes that are in your tap water.  They are not filtered out (good filters are more expensive so it’s not done.) Disease thrives in an acidic body, so it’s important that the alkaline minerals that used to be in your drinking water are retained. are in your drinking water to give you a healthy, refreshing and hydrating alkaline pH. 



Bottled water is one of the biggest profit makers for the companies that bottle it. They are allowed to purchase it for pennies on the dollar. Nestle is one of the real bad ones that buys the rights to natural fresh water lakes for a few hundred dollars or much less:


Ontario charges companies just $3.71 for every million litres of water


And then sells you the water in a cheap chemical PCB’s among other harmful chemicals as bottled water for a couple dollars a gallon!


Bottled Water is not only not healthy, but a huge burden upon our planet. It is chocking off our oceans, poisoning sea life, ending up in landfills, and feeding a unethical industry (like Nestle, that gets favors from politicians, like buying lakes and fresh water supplies for a few hundred dollars.) Then they bottle this water and sell it to you for massive profits. The water was free, and now people are getting kicked off their own land because of it. Not good at all. For more information see Tap vs Bottled Water


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How to Purify Tap Water

You can do make your own much cleaner, purer and better tasting water for a fraction of the cost in your own home (or even on the go.) If you learn how to purify tap water you will not only be helping keep yourself and your family healthy, you will save a lot of money, help our environment as well as keep your hard earned money out of the hands of those that destroy our environment for profit.


There are home and portable water filters and purifiers that will make your life so much easier, healthier and happier too. You get all the nasties out, including the fluoride that is placed in your tap or bottled water “for your own good.” Having your own filter will be the very best thing you can do to improve your health right now! 


Portable Water Filters are great because you can use them and take them anywhere you go. They are the least expensive of water filters too. Reverse Osmosis Systems are great, although they are not as portable and do require installation. Get a Water Filter Pitcher or Bottle Filter type and you can enjoy clean pure drinking water.


I didn’t realize how much better my own water was than Dasani (my previous favorite.) Now I can taste the chemicals in Dasani and Aquafina (mostly the fluoride and even chlorine. To discover the best filter for your own individual needs, check out the Portable Water Filter System Reviews

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