Portable Water Filter System Reviews

Portable Water Filter System Reviews

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Best Portable Water Purifiers

Portable Water Purification is no longer a luxury but a necessity! Our FDA not only allows harmful heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead, chlorine, fluoride and radioactive particles to pass into your home and tap water supplies. And you can add an unhealthy dose of flushed medicines, some that disrupt your hormones and cause all kinds of illnesses, a lot of them that are “undiagnosed” frequently. Viruses, bacteria, giardia, brain eating amoeba (never use tap water in a neti pot) and other pathogens are well and alive in your drinking water, unless you filter it really well!


Every home, vehicle and day-pack or backpack should have a portable water filter in it! You can rest assured that you can get clean, chemical and pathogen free drinking water wherever you are, even in the good ‘ol outdoors. There are many types of portable water filters, one or more will suit your needs for any situation you may encounter.

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Types of Portable Water Filters

There are a few different type of portable water filters and purification methods you can use to generate clean drinking water out of any source, whether tap water, restaurant water, stream water or even contaminated water. Portable filters are great because you don't need to hire a plumber or mess around under the sink installing tubes and connecting pipes and cutting holes in your counter.

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Benefits of Portable Water Filtration

  • Produces Clean, Highly Filtered Drinking Water
  • Removes Glyphosates and Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides
  • Gets rid of Heavy Metals, like Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine and Mercury
  • Removes flushed medicines that disrupt your hormones and cause illness
  • Removes Radioactive Particles that lead to DNA damage and cancer
  • Removes Nasty Pathogens like Giardia, Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Amoeba
  • No Need For Electricity to use
  • Works with Low Water Pressure
  • Some are BPA Free
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Easy to Clean and Change Filters
  • Some Can Even Make Water Alkaline
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Best Portable Water Filters

Most of your better portable water purifiers get rid of 99% of all toxic heavy metals like fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, radiation, mercury, lead and other chemicals like glyphosates from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemicals that are allowed to be in our “safe” drinking water. 


You absolutely need to have your tap water filtered, and getting your own portable water filter will allow you to be healthier and always have access to clean drinking water for yourself and loved ones.

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Gravity Water Filters

Gravity Water Filters are portable water filters that can be used anywhere you are. These are some of the best portable water filters you can buy because they filter out so many toxins and make your water from any source, into highly purified clean drinking water.  Some like the Boroux Water Filters also remove fluoride with special filters. Some can even produce alkaline water.


I love the Big Berkey, they have smaller portable water filter models as well, depending on your needs. Great for home gatherings and parties as well. Highly durable and easy to use and clean too.

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Water Filter Pitchers

Water Filter Pitchers are very portable water filters and they are the easiest to use. These are probably the easiest to use and clean, and are great for filtering tap water into healthy drinking water.  Some even produce alkaline water. There are two really great ones that filter out almost all of the toxins that are found in your tap water.


A couple of mid-level filters, and then the common ones like Brita and Pur. The best ones can get rid of about 90% of the toxic Fluoride in most tap water. It also removes Mercury, Lead, Chromium, Arsenic, Chlorine, Pesticides, Insecticides and Glyphosates! While the Brita and Pur types, mostly are flavor enhancers, they get rid of the taste of chlorine, but not the chemicals.

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Survival Water Filters

Survival Water Filters – Every home should have an emergency water filter kit. If something happens and they have to shut off your water (or even electricity) for any length of time you need to be able to have a good way to keep fresh drinking water available for yourself and your family.


I recommend having a good survival type emergency water filter that you can use anywhere, and also keeping a few 5 gallon water bottles on hand and a good filter kit to store water for any emergency. A good drum type storage water filter can do the job and buy you a lot of piece of mind if it ever hits the fan! And also keep an emergency filter handy in one of your first aid kits or drawers so if you have to run out the door you will have something that you can get by with for the mean time!

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Backpacking Water Filters

The Best Backpacking Water Filters are very light and easy to stuff in a backpack or day bag. They are great if you love the “great outdoors” as much as I do. There are a few types like the plastic pouch gravity type filters that you can easily carry around as they are flexible, fold-able pouches that can then be hung on a branch and filter water from the top unit (unfiltered source water) into the bottom unit (purified drinking water). 


You can also get one of the manual pump type filters, like the Katadyn hiking filter. These are highly durable and can filter out muddy lake, stream or river water and turn it into safe, clean and healthy drinking water in a few minutes! You can even use a UV water purifier if you want to be 100% your drinking water is absolutely safe and pure.


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Filtered Water Bottles

The Best Filtered Water Bottle in my opinion is one that not only filters the contaminants out of water, but also makes it a healthy alkaline. Water Bottle Filters are units that have a filter inside of them. You basically pour water through the top filter unit and it will pass through and be stored in the lower part of the bottle. It makes carrying around your own filter rather easy.


Some are even Alkaline Filter Bottles, and you can improve on tap water, or even make better water by pouring your standard bottled water (Aquafina, Dasani, or other brands) and get better tasting and hydrating alkaline water!

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UV Water Purifier

UV Water Purifier –  I actually combine the Katadyn water filter with my Steripen UV Water Purifier to make sure I stay healthy when I'm camping or wilderness hiking. I have no time to be sick out in the sticks! UV Water Filters zap all parasites, amoeba, giardia, viruses, bacteria with a lethal dose of UV light.


I want to make absolutely sure when I am in nature, far from a hospital, that I have 100% clean pure, safe drinking water. They are very small and easy to carry around, so it's a little insurance when I'm wilderness hiking, or for any emergency.

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Alkaline Water Filters

An Alkaline Water Filter is essential if you want to keep your body in optimum health. Disease can't live in an alkaline body. Cancers, arthritis, gout, heart disease, and chronic conditions are all acid based conditions. Drinking alkaline water will help you remain healthy and active. It is an antioxidant water that helps with anti-aging as well.


Alkaline Water also helps performance. It hydrates much better, helps stop excess lactic acid buildup (what makes you sore) when you are exercising. So having an alkalizer is one of the best investments you can make in your health and longevity.

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Fluoride Water Filters

Fluoride Water Filters remove one of the most toxic substances you will find in your water. It is one of the hardest things to do for a water filter, and that is why so have that capability. But it is extremely important!


If you also want healthy alkaline water on the go, there is an easy to use portable alkaline water filter that does just that. Tyent USA has a nice little unit that makes your water a healthy alkaline on the spot! 

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Additives and Replacement Filters

Water Purification Tablets can make contaminated water safer to drink, it won't remove sediment or contaminants, it will only get rid of all living organisms in it.  You can also get alkalizing drops to make water more alkaline.


Water Filter Cartridges and Replacement Filters can be found for almost ever water filter or purifier ever made. Extend the life of your water filter or purification system by having the right set of filters you need on hand. No need to ever get caught without clean, pure and great tasting drinking water.

Zeolite Water Filters

Zeolite Water Filters are super high quality water filters that have the added benefit of Zeolite. Zeolite is a natural alkaline mineral that traps radiation, fluoride and heavy metals. It also has the unique properties that it stops viruses cold and is also a natural cancer preventative and holistic treatment. These are powerful filters for those who want to best you can get and actually want to improve their health by leaps and bounds.


High pH Alkaline Water


  1. This is extremely interesting. Thank you for the detailed explanation on reverse osmosis water filtration systems and how they work. We have been using one of these systems at our workplace for over 6 months now, and I must say it is the best water that I have ever tasted. I highly recommend you purchase your very own reverse osmosis system!

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