How to Purify Water

How to filter water


How to Purify Water

Water is Life, and without it you can only survive a few days. If the quantity or quality of your drinking water is compromised you can become very ill or even pass over to the other side of eternity. Clean drinking water is essential to your survival and health. Knowing How to Purify Water in an emergency can save you and your family's lives. Having access to clean and toxin free drinking water is not a luxury but a necessity for life. 


You need to know what to do if your power is cut off for an extended period of time, as it can affect some home water filters and even city water districts that supply your home or office. Having a couple water filters in your backpack or emergency kit is the most important thing you can have. There are quite a few good water purification methods, depending on whether you are filtering tap water or water from a questionable outdoor source, like a river, stream, lake or pond. 


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What is The Best Way to Purify Water?

What is the Best Way to Purify Water? You absolutely need a water filter if you care about you and your loved ones that live with you. You can't trust your tap water either. Recently in Flint, Michigan people have been getting poisoned by their tap water. It's not just Flint, MI either. Chemicals and heavy metals like lead and mercury are causing serious health issues and fatalities. Please do not drink unfiltered tap water, or give it to your kids or even pets. Bottled water is not that much better either. It is tap water filtered with a large brita type filter that just removes large sized particles and the smell of chlorine (not the chlorine) and almost always now days has added sodium fluoride (rat poison.)


You need a filter that can get rid of those things in your home, and another for outdoors or emergency use that filters out microbes that can make you sick. We're going to explore the best water filters for each type of situation so you can be prepared and thrive through any water shortage, power outage or emergency situation. These filter can get rid of harmful things from all water sources except sea water (salt water needs an desalinator or water distiller) to evaporate the water and leave the salt behind. 


Natural Water Purification


Natural Ways to Purify Water

If you don't have a home water filter or an emergency water filter and can't find a water store to get fresh drinking water then you will have to improvise. There top 3 Natural Ways to Purify Water are Boiling, Distilling and Sand Filtering. If you want a complete water survival guide and manual that you can always refer to in case of emergency then the Water Freedom System (pictured above) can help you. You can even access it on your smartphone to help you find water and make the safest drinking water you can in any situation. It is a valuable resource when you are not prepared with a portable or emergency water purification method. Here are the three best emergency water purification methods that you can use in a pinch:


  • Boiling Water
  • Distilling Water
  • Sand Filtering Water


Boiling water is the safest way to take questionable water and make it drinkable. Boiling water can get rid of the microbes and living organisms but will also concentrate chemicals in the water like fluoride, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and flushed medicines that end up in fresh water lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, etc. 


Distilling Water is steam evaporated water purification. You can also boil a pot of water and above it make a small tent type structure out of plastic so the water will evaporate and run off the sides as more purified water, also known as emergency distilled water.


Sand Filtering Water is collecting the finest sand you can, putting it in a container with small holes at the bottom and collecting what comes out (after running water through to get the dust off the sand.) It is how nature does it before the rivers were contaminated by upstream industrial dumping, acidic rain and chemtrail residues. It will not be the safest or best tasting drinking water, but in a pinch it is better than nothing. I would always have 3 water filters, at least one for you home, one in your office, car or RV and one in your emergency kit or backpack. Clean drinking water is too precious a resource not to be prepared in case of emergency.  


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Water Filters for Emergency

Every person, family and office should have one or more Water Filters for Emergency. These are ideally manual filters that don't need electricity as it may be out in an emergency. The best emergency water purifiers are able to purify a quart or more in a minute or two. They should be simple to use, as you don't want to stress out looking for directions using complicated water filters in an emergency. Lightweight is good if you use plan to use it on your camping trip, hiking, backpacking or exploring the great outdoors. I would highly recommend one if you travel to foreign countries as sometimes the water has bacteria or microbes that you have no immunity against, and a simple filter can save your vacation and maybe life.


I use the Berkey Water Filters (gravity water filter units, shown in a section below) for small event gatherings and it can be used for emergencies as well. I like using an AquaBrick when I go camping and have one in the back of my car. Clean Drinking Water is the thing you need most when in the great outdoors. Best to be safe and sure than really sick and stuck in the wild. This is also another great emergency backup, in case there is some extended sunspot activity that takes out our electrical grid. No need to panic, just be prepared beforehand. The AquaBrick Portable Water Purifier (pictured above) is a great choice for a manual water filter that will filter out toxins and pathogens from questionable water sources. 


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Water Filters for Backpacking

When choosing the best Water Filters for Backpacking you want to make sure it removes all the harmful microbes and particles that can make you deadly sick. You can possibly be far from any help and be out of cell phone range as well. The second thing you want is the smallest filter so you won't have to carry around a heavy or bulky water filter. The Life Straw filters are the smallest sized filters that get the job done- give you safe, clean drinking water from any source (except sea water.) 


The Life straw (which is what the person in the image is using to be able to drink safe purified drinking water from a stream) is the perfect filter for that purpose. Like the image above shows you can just put that long straw with the extreme microbe filter attached and drink purified water from any river, stream, lake or questionable water source. It weighs only ounces and can be coiled to a wallet sized pouch or container. If you have the space you can also the the water bottle for hiking below, which is the same filter in a water bottle for easy use. 


Hiking Water Filters


Water Filters for Hiking

The best Water Filters for Hiking are lightweight, are easy to carry and don't take up much space. This is great for hiking water filter for the outdoorsman or woman. I take mine on day hikes through the mountain and hill trails when I need a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of life. The great thing about these type of water filters is that they can be used to filter out any harmful contaminants if you ever get lost or far behind and need to filter water from a stream, river, lake, pond or questionable water supply source. 


The Journey Water Purification Bottle (which is what the couple backpacking and hiking in the image above are using) is the perfect filter for that purpose. Like the image above shows you can just put that long straw with the extreme microbe filter attached and drink purified water from any river, stream, lake or questionable water source. It weighs only ounces and can be coiled to a wallet sized pouch or container. If you have the space you can also the the water bottle for hiking below, which is the same filter in a water bottle for easy use. 


Gravity Water Filters


Gravity Filters for Water

The easiest methods for water purification at home or camping are Gravity Filters for Water Purification. Our bodies are made of mostly water (70-80%) as are our brains. We need fresh, clean drinking water for our bodies and brains to work at their best. Brita and Pur have some simple tabletop units, although they improve the taste somewhat (I still can't stomach Brita), they don't get rid of the heavy metals, radiation, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals (hormone disrupting birth control pills), and small sized harmful bacteria. The one portable water filter that can are Berkey Water Filters.


I have the Big Berkey and absolutely love it! See Berkey Water Filter Review to see their whole line reviewed! The complete Berkey Filter line is beautiful made of polished stainless steel (with the exception of the Berkey Light Water Filter) and all except the travel can use the fluoride removing water filter cartridges. It is also highly durable and will last as long as your car, maybe longer! It has the purification power to filter dirty water into safe, clean, pure and great tasting drinking water, unlike any other portable water filter period! 


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Home Water Purification Systems

Home Water Purification Systems usually deal with treated water or tap water. Some can also use well water sources like the AquaSana Rhino Water System (pictured above). You need a home water filter because most tap water has things like flushed medicines, fluoride, heavy metals, microbes, chlorine and sodium fluoride that harm your brain, nervous system, DNA and whack your immune system. Also get a filter that requires no electricity so you can still have clean water if the grid or your power goes out for an extended amount of time. It happens more often than you would think. The good thing about home water filter systems is that every faucet in your home is covered, your showers, your bath tubs, rinsing water, cooking water, cleaning water are all free of harmful chemicals, microbes and toxins.


It is the main water purification system you should rely upon. I love the pure effects water system (shown below) because it has a zeolite filter that is superior in removing radiation and heavy metals from your drinking water, like nothing else period! And if you live in the West Coast states then it is a must because of the Fukushima radiation spill and radioactive particles that are still showing up in your drinking water supplies. It also has a microbial and virus disinfection zap harmful microbes with UV before they even reach your filter. 



Pure Effect Water Filters


Best Water Purification Systems

The following natural treatments will make your water drinkable and remove deadly radiation, heavy metals (including chlorine and fluoride), pathogens, bacteria, viruses, giardia (from human and animal feces) and other harmful toxins from your water. They are the Best Water Purification Systems you can get.


Most people don’t even realize how what they are drinking is sapping the energy and life right out of them. Don’t be one of them! Get to the top of your game by insisting on the most bio-active water you can get. Here are the best things you can do to get there quickly:

  • Aquasana Water Filter (Portable and Complete Home Water Purification Systems)
  • Water Distiller (Purifies all water creating distilled water, which leaves it as empty and acidic but purified. It is great for detoxing as it flushes contaminants out of your body, but don't drink it for more than a week or two without break as it can lead to osteoporosis)
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems (The gold standard in Water Purification)
  • Berkey Water Filter (Purify the water in your home or on the go, greatest durability and is visually appealing too)
  • Pure Effect Water Filters (The Most Powerful Water Filter for Home Use. It has Zeolite crystals in it that absorbs radiation, heavy metals and viruses. It leaves your drinking water a healthy alkaline!)
  • Water Ionizer (An alkaline water ionizer, not only purifies your water but makes it highly alkaline, hydrogenated, structured water particles in the smallest size for maximum hydration, creates antioxidant rich electrolyte ionic water, for healing and recovery. It's what athletes like Tom Brady and Drew Brees use!)

These are good ways to purify water anywhere. They are all great as long as you have at least one! I have 4 personally, The AquaBrick (for hiking), The Big Berkey (for parties, get together's, guests, picnics), and The Pure Effect for my main faucet. I also have a Tyent Ace 11 (water ionizer) that I use when I go to the gym and to create a state of optimum health and peak performance as I love staying naturally healthy and fit and want to use the greatest advantages I can to be healthy and active long-term.  


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