How to Purify Water

  How to Purify Water Water is Life, and without it you can only survive a few days. If the quantity or quality of your drinking water is compromised you can become very ill or even pass over to the other side of eternity. Clean drinking water is essential to your survival and health. Knowing How to Purify Water in an emergency can save you and your family’s lives. Having access to clean and toxin free drinking water is not a luxury but a necessity for life.    You need to know what to do if your power is cut off for an extended period of time, as it can affect some home water filters and even city water districts that supply your home or office. Having a couple water filters in your backpack or emergency kit is the most important thing you can have. There are quite a few good water purification methods, depending on whether you are filtering tap water or water from a questionable outdoor source, like a river, stream, lake or pond.      What is The Best Way to Purify Water? What is the Best Way to Purify Water? You absolutely need a water filter if you care about you and your loved ones that live with you. You can’t trust your tap water either. Recently in Flint, Michigan people …

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