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Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

what is filtered water

 Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?     Drinking Tap Water Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? I used to think so, but after researching what is left (and even added into) tap water, I never again will drink it, except upon dire thirst! I’ll show you why you will really want to avoid drinking tap water and which water is safe and actually healthy to drink.   Most Tap Water is so full of “nasties” that you should only even consider drinking it in dire emergencies. The most harmful things to your health are usually the things you can’t see but we know exist (microbes, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.) Here are things that you will discover in your drinking tap water: Radiation Fluoride Heavy Metals (Lead, Mercury, Aluminum) Arsenic Glyphosates and Pesticides (herbicides, fungicides, larvacides) Flushed Medicines (hormone disrupters, toxic prescription meds, statins, anxiety meds, pain meds, etc.) Brain eating amoeba, viruses, bacteria, fungii, mold spores Chlorine and other toxic chemicals Watch this short video explaining some of the reasons why it is so important to filter your own water, even if from your own home’s tap water!     Is Bottled Water Tap Water? I also used to think that drinking bottled water was the safe, easy and most effective way to go. I was uninformed see what is bottled water! Most people don’t even realize …

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