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Is Tap Water Safe To Drink?

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  Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? I used to think so, but after researching what is left (and even added into) tap water, I never again will drink it, except upon dire thirst! What you learn about tap water can save you years of ill health and performance decline as well as premature aging. I’ll show you why you will really want to avoid drinking tap water and which water is safe and actually healthy to drink. Most Tap Water is so full of “nasties” that you should only even consider drinking it in dire emergencies. The most harmful things to your health are usually the things you can’t see but we know exist (microbes, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.)   I’m sure you heard of the toxic levels of lead and heavy metals in the tap drinking water in Flint Michigan, that have caused many fatalities and severely poisoned thousands of others. I personally know of someone that was going through this, and helped her through it (she was losing her hair and her mind.) A new report in an environmental science magazine shows that fracking is drying up your fresh water supply, and contaminating what is left with toxic runoff and those chemicals are now showing up in your tap water and drinking water! It’s definitely …

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