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Portable Water Filter System Reviews

portable water filters

Portable Water Filter System Reviews       Best Portable Water Purifiers Portable Water Purification is no longer a luxury but a necessity! Our FDA not only allows harmful heavy metals like mercury, aluminum, lead, chlorine, fluoride and radioactive particles to pass into your home and tap water supplies. And you can add an unhealthy dose of flushed medicines, some that disrupt your hormones and cause all kinds of illnesses, a lot of them that are “undiagnosed” frequently. Viruses, bacteria, giadria, brain eating amoeba (never use tap water in a neti pot) and other pathogens are well and alive in your drinking water, unless you filter it really well!   Every home, vehicle and daypack or backpack should have a portable water filter in it! You can rest assured that you can get clean, chemical and pathogen free drinking water wherever you are, even in the good ‘ol outdoors. There are many types of portable water filters, one or more will suit your needs for any situation you may encounter.     Types of Portable Water Filters There are a few different type of portable water filters and purification methods you can use to generate clean drinking water out of any source, whether tap water, restaurant water, stream water or even contaminated water. Portable filters are great because you don’t need to hire a plumber …

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